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"You can't have just one..."

CH Shonleh Singapore Sling

I noticed Singer at a dog show in Portland last year. When I learned she was still owned by her breeder, who coincidentally co-bred Mick, I called her and told her I had fallen in love. On the first day of the show, she and Mick took Best of Breed and Best of Opposite. They looked like the king and queen of Norwichdom, and I was hooked! While Mick is more of a honey color, Singer is dark red. They compliment each other so well. She's about six months older than Mick, so she thinks she can boss him around. Of course, it doesn't work.

Sharon Curry, her owner/breeder put an offer to me and I accepted wholeheartedly. Now she resides at Flatbrook, adding a new dimension to our pack.

In October, 2007, Singer had a litter of exceptional pups. Out of four, two boys/two girls, three are show quality. Two days before she gave birth, I was on my way to northern California wine country to place her in Sharon's expert hands. I was a little worried, since she looked like she
swallowed a football and was waddling like a duck. Luckily, I got her there on time. With a C-Section, Singer birthed the pups, weighing between 8 and 10 onces. Average weight of a Norwich pup is 4 ounces.






Singer is a little princess, very girly-girly, but when challenged, look out! She is an athletic specimen, who can't resist jumping twice her height when chow is called. She's a ravenous eater - anxious to run it off in the yard daily. She, like Mick is a good hunter, so there's not many mice showing up in the backyard lately. She likes lizards too and thinks it's her job to scare off any bird that happens by.

On February 23, 2008, Singer earned her Championship in Del Mar, California, led by her wonderful handler, Amy Rutherford. We couldn't be more proud!






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