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CH Winsomeís Masterplan at Justus


Ch Winsomeís Masterplan at Justus was our first Norwich Terrier He stands  10Ē at the withers and weighs a mere thirteen pounds, but he thinks heís a sixty pound Griff!  He runs with them.  He spars with them.  And itís not uncommon to see him go flying by, hanging onto Byrnieís beard.   

My experience in locating Mick was an important lesson in finding exactly the right dog.  I fell in love with the breed at a dog show, truly the best place to start your search for that perfect companion.  After that, I began to research breeders who excelled at breeding superior terriers.  I gave a lot of thought to why I was so enamored with this breed and what I hoped to accomplish with my new little friend. 

I knew I wanted to show Mick in the ring--heís a stunning example of a Norwich and deserved to be shown to his AKC Championship.  But equally important is my desire to enjoy any talents he has and have fun with him while we explore the possibilities.  My end goal is visitation therapy.

Finding the right breeder is essential to a positive outcome.  When I visited the Winsome Kennel, I was allowed to see and handle Mickís mother (who I also fell in love with).  I was encouraged to spend time with all the dogs and was given the opportunity to inquire about the breed specifics, their characteristics, habits, exercise requirements, health issues (or lack of), ability to train and much, much more.  I learned that Mickís breeder had been breeding Norwich Terriers for fifteen years, which made me feel extremely comfortable in her ability to judge that Mick would meet all my needs.  I was offered unlimited future support and mentoring--I knew, without a doubt, I had found the companion
I was looking for. 

My purpose in telling my story is to stress the importance of finding exactly the right dog--the first time around!  Unless you can afford to collect unlimited numbers of dogs (who may not have met your requirements), DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!  Begin your search only after youíve assessed your personal goals and when you know the breed enough to feel comfortable that your expectations will be met.  Consider your lifestyle, as well as your partnerís ideas about owning a member of your chosen breed.

Mick can live for fifteen-plus years.  God willing, I will provide a loving home for him for that time.  Griffs can also live up to fifteen years.  Their grooming needs are miniscule, however, they absolutely require hardy, daily exercise, and they prefer living in the familyís home, rather than kennel life.  I hope these tidbits of information help in your search for the perfect companion.  Our website was constructed to offer a glimpse into the Griffon world.  If we can answer any questions, donít hesitate to call or e-mail us

Since my last writing, Mick has finished his AKC Championship, has been invited to the Eukanuba National Dog Show and has been shown at Westminster.  He is a handsome Norwich, but more importantly, has the manners of a prince.  I've retired him from the show ring and allowed him to take the path he cherishes - "General of Flatbrook."  Although he's constantly challenged by the larger Griffon pack, he holds firm and believes he rules the roost.  Since we live in the the middle of an orange grove, there's never a lack of prey - and he's always ready to dive in.  He's a wonderful companion, but not a lap dog.  He'll maybe throw me some crumbs and put his head on my feet (much like a Griff), but considers himself too manly to crawl into my lap.  Unlike Mick, our new female Norwich was more than ready to fill that lap position.

Laurie Byrne



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