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The Flatbrook Legacy

Flatbrook Sporting Dogs was founded in Branchville New Jersey by Rob and Wendy Gerity.  Initially, Wendy wanted a companion and Rob wanted a hunting partner.  He had Springer Spaniels while growing up, so getting a Springer was an easy choice.  During the late 1980’s, they started breeding, had several litters and were producing good working Springers and found the whole process was gratifying.

One day in the early 1990’s, Rob was hunting  with a friend and his Brittany .
The Brit’s pointing and retrieving enhanced Rob’s hunting experience immensely.  At that moment, Rob decided he wanted a pointing dog that retrieved in the field and from water.  At about the same time, one of their friends owned Shelties and had started exhibiting at dog shows.  They invited the Gerity’s to join them at a show one weekend, and Rob and Wendy thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Now they were in search of a pointing gun dog that Wendy could show and Rob could hunt.  After several months of research, they decided upon the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

They started going to shows hoping to see Griffons.  They loved the uniqueness of the breed, as well as what Griffons do in the field , and their temperament. They heard about a Griffon breeder in Massachusetts that offered incentives for buyers of their puppies that would show and hunt-test their dog.  Ultimately, they visited Linda and Ted Gagnon’s Wet Acres  Kennel. They got on a list and waited a year, which seemed like an eternity.  What they got was a wonderful little bitch, (CH) Wet Acres Blaze of Glory.  Blaze was out of a superb breeding of CH Fireside’s Rollicking Ruckus JH and CH Fireside’s Wet Acres Jalapeno JH (Hally’s dame was CH Fireside’s Animation).  Blaze was a wonderful puppy, earning a Group One in a puppy show, but more importantly, she bonded totally with Wendy -- Blaze was her dog.  Rob, feeling a little left out and knowing how long it took to get a good Griffon, started  looking for a quality male.

Lightning does strike twice!  Rob found Elaine Hunsicker (Firesides Kennel) who bred Blaze’s sire.  To make a long story short, Elaine called and said she had a puppy for Rob.  He had heard that the litter was sold out and the puppy had been returned to Elaine. Rob didn’t want someone’s hand-me-down.  Nonetheless, he immediately jumped in his car for a five hour trip--fretting most of the way.   As he walked up to Elaine’s, the puppy came bounding out of the door and leaped into Rob’s arms.  Love at first sight! 

The dog, (CH) Fireside’s Hot Stuff - Flame, was Rob’s  canine best friend. Flame passed away in early 2008 and there will be
fond memories  always of their "boy"

With Blaze and Flame, the Gerity’s were extremely blessed, but smart about it.  They dealt with two of the premier breeders on the east coast, found two compatible dogs (the lucky part), and found two great mentors for both showing and hunting.  They bred Blaze three times with Flame.  The Gerity’s luck, unfortunately, was about to run it’s course, as they lost Blaze in a C-Section and were forced to raise a litter pups by hand. The Gerity’s, who also raised Springer’s and Spinoni, were traumatized by the loss of Blaze.

After several litters, from CH Flatbrook’s Too Hot to Handle JH -- Brooke (Byrnie’s dame and Blaze's daughter), and several other breedings from their other female, tragedy struck again, Brooke was stolen. 

By this time, Rob had changed careers and had became a professional dog photographer.  Traumatized by the loss of Blaze and then, Brooke, combined with the potential conflict between showing dogs which might competing against clients’ dogs, Rob and Wendy decided to abandon breeding altogether.

Rob and I continued to stay in touch over the last five years.  The Gerity’s decision to give up breeding roughly coincided with our decision to begin breeding.  After much tumult regarding what to name our kennel (Whitestar, Greyhawk and many other names were considered), I approached Rob about acquiring the rights to the Flatbrook name.  After some discussion, we agreed, and Flatbrook Griffons emerged like a Phoenix, but now in southern California. 

We feel blessed to have connected with the Gerity’s and look forward to trying to follow in their remarkably large footsteps.





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